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Clinique dentaire Boutin Langlois

  • First visit to the dental clinic

    1. Welcoming you

    We begin your experience with us by an entirely individualized meeting. This first appointment is an opportunity for discussion, where you will have ample time to obtain answers to all your questions.

  • First visit to the dental clinic

    2. Exam

    An in depth evaluation of all aspects of your oral condition will be performed. This will permit us to offer you every treatment option available.

  • First visit to the dental clinic

    3. Discussion

    Your options will be clearly presented to you using the pictures and x-rays taken at the exam. We will take all the time necessary to answer every question you may have.

  • First visit to the dental clinic

    4. Your wishes

    For us, you are the person in charge. The final decision for any treatment is entirely yours. We will be happy to support your choices and accompany you throughout your treatment plan.

  • First visit to the dental clinic

    5. Follow up

    Once your treatment is completed we will be able to determine, together, the appropriate frequency for your hygiene visits. They will be set and adapted to your specific needs.

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Our philosophy :
A compassionate approach to dentistry
Our unique approach to dentistry is designed to offer you innovative, highly specialized and comprehensive care in a warm and welcoming environment.

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Marc Boutin »

  • Job: Dentist
  • Graduated from: Université Laval in 1999
  • Personality Traits: Leader, Detail-Oriented, Friendly, Sense of Humor
  • Interests: Wine and History
  • From: Ste-Foy



Geneviève Langlois »

  • Job: Dentist
  • Graduated From: Université Laval in 1999
  • Personality Traits: Careful Cartesian / Analytical, Attention to Detail, Listening
  • Interests: Food, Travel
  • From: Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville