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Continuing Care and Prevention

Continuing Care and Prevention

“A mouth in perfect health.”

At the Boutin, Langlois Dental Clinic, our procedures are designed to promote preventive dentistry and are based on the belief that “it is better to prevent than to repair.”

We recommend regular check-ups, even if you practise healthy dental care at home. Our team will determine with you the frequency of your follow-up visits according to your specific needs.

Complete dental cleaning

Our complete dental cleaning will:

  • Smooth and clean tooth and filling surfaces
  • Remove plaque (the invisible bacterial film that builds up on teeth) and tartar that are responsible for gum disease
  • Remove spots and stains from your teeth

Complete mouth examination

The examination focuses on several aspects:

  • Your teeth (cavities, defective fillings, wear, etc.)
  • Your gums (periodontal infection, gum recession, loss of tooth support, etc.)
  • Your mouth tissue (tongue, palate, cheeks, floor of your mouth, oral cancer screening, etc.)
  • Your temporomandibular joint (jaw joints) (popping, clicking, muscle aches, etc.)
  • Your smile (the colour, alignment, shape, proportion of your teeth, etc.)

Digital radiography

At the Boutin, Langlois dental clinic, we use state of the art digital radiography. We chose digital radiography with our patients health in mind, because this method needs up to 80% less radiation than conventional X Rays.

The advantages of digital radiography are numerous:

  • The film is developed instantly with the help of a computer;
  • The image can be enlarged, permitting a more precise view of certain details;
  • The image is clearer;
  • The quality of conservation is flawless;
  • Storage is simple and efficient.

Finally, digital radiography is very helpful to us in everyday practice.  It helps us to provide you with the best care possible.

Treatment of bad breath

“Have you had enough of simply masking bad breath?”

We offer a variety of solutions to effectively eliminate halitosis.


The causes of halitosis are numerous: cavities, infected gums, defective fillings, plaque, accumulation of bacteria on the back of the tongue or a fungal infection.

We conduct a complete evaluation of the situation to identify the cause, and then we offer treatments designed to put an end to this unfortunate condition.

If you have concerns about bad breath, do not hesitate to tell us about them. We are here to help.