Espace patient
Postoperative survey

Postoperative survey

On a scale of 0 (improbable) to 10 (highly probable), what is the probality that you would recommand our clinic to a friend/colleague/member of your family?
Was this your first to the clinic?
Which dentist did you see?
Please choose your gender:
Please choose your age bracket:
Rate your experience when you calling the clinic on the phone
Were you able to find the clinic easily for your appointment?
How would you rate the reception you received upon arrival
Was the team on time for your appointment?
How well did you feel the dentist/assistants/hygienist and team work together?
How clearly did the dentist/assistants/hygienist explain any treatment options to you ?
How would you rate this practice overall for cleanliness and tidiness of appearance?
What are your impressions regarding cost and fees at the clinic?