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Reduce your risk of cavities and sensitivity to your teeth

Reduce your risk of cavities and sensitivity to your teeth

A new treatment is now available at the clinic.

This product may be applied in office or at home in the form of a toothpaste.

This treatment will help:

  • Reduce risk of cavities
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Reinforce teeth affected by decalcification and erosion
  • Prepare your teeth to be less sensitive to hot or cold following bleaching
  • Diminish inflammation of your gums (orthodontics, periodontal problems…)
  • And much more…

Safe to use during pregnancy

Ask your dentist or hygienist, they will guide you in choosing the option best suited for you.

Fillings and Treating Tooth Decay

“Like many people, you can also be affected by tooth decay.”

Whether you have a cavity, a broken tooth or a faulty filling to be replaced, we will meticulously restore your teeth to give them the look and feel of healthy natural teeth.

Our treatments are mercury-free

At the Boutin, Langlois Dental Clinic, our treatments are mercury-free. Also, we use only high quality, durable materials (mainly composite resins and porcelain).


Sometimes a tooth is too damaged to be repaired with a filling.

In that case, we can restore it and strengthen it with a crown that will also prevent further damage.

Entirely custom made and perfectly adjusted to the contours of your tooth, a crown looks like a natural tooth and serves essentially the same purpose.